I'm from Colombia, my grandfather had a coffee farm, I grew up in the heart of the Colombian coffee land. The coffee for me is a best friend, doesn't matter where I am, always I need a coffee to feel better. Goat mug will travel with me we will make some great memories. Thanks so much for it.

Thank you so much! this mug is ideal for wine! I am happy))

It's a awesome and creative mug, I love it so much... New concept of coffee, more fun when I drink coffee.

I LOVE my mug. It's a happy day for this coffee and goat lover. :D <3 You guys rock!

If we create unique products we want to cherish and reuse, we reduce the issue of littering disposable products and move away from our current throw-away habits as a society. Read the book "Cradle to Cradle" and you'll have a better understanding on the subject and you'll see Goat Story are actually doing a superb job at curbing the issue of disposable packaging. GO GOAT STORY!! Later H8ers - from a Product Design student

When I first saw this product, my first thought was 'omg I want one if these so bad, it would be perfect to show off at work, home, friends house ore out in public.' I enjoy unique things in life because the stand out more than usual. All in all, a grate product. I hope to have one soon, perhaps this winter. Wold be perfect for holding warm home made mochas in.

Only complaint is that it's only 16 oz. this big boy needs a little something extra. It takes a beating though. Good job

Beautiful, diferent, unique design .Coffee holic on the World muss have one.

Better than advertised. That has to be a first. I saw the cup in an interview with Dan Stevens. I had to have it.